The institutes of the Gestalt Network

Gestalt Institute Manila

An institute founded in 2009 with the goal of integrating body, mind and emotion, the Gestalt concept by Fritz Perls.

Mantalou International Institute

Founded in 1994 and since then a place of encounter of  cultures. Students from the University of Kassel and the University of the Philippines come there to meet, experience the Greek culture and work together on their potentials.

Department of Psychology

In 1997, the HPD studio in the  Department of Psychology , University of the Philippines Diliman was establish with the help of grants from the DAAD. 

University of Kassel

Since 1982 courses about the concept of Gestalt-work by Fritz Perls are offered to the students in Kassel. These are conducted by Prof. Hans Lenhard and take place in the rooms of the University of Kassel and the Mantalou International Institute on the Greek island Tinos.