When Hans Lenhard was called by the University of Kassel in 1976  (then a Reform-Gesamt-Hochschule) his academic interest and field of experience was oriented towards school psychology and pre-school teacher´s training.

In 1979 – on a trip around the world – to visit eight universities and Esalen Institute (then a training and experimental center, where Fritz Perls had initiated his concept of Gestalt Therapy).  Hans came to what he calls “the turning point” in his life.

Getting in touch with Humanistic Psychology his strictly German ID and the didactical highly structured way of teaching shifted into worlds of movement, change, differences and processes.

Until now Hans lifestyle is based on living in four different places and moving into groups whose characters are: cultural diversity, individual variety of human potentials, respectful encounters with many polarities of living and bringing in his own “expertise of not knowing” – in a way of action in curiosity and sensitive contact building.

Now – and as a retired university professor (2006, Universität Kassel) Hans facilitates “hpd-gestalt workshops” at Mantalou International Institute, Tinos Island, Greece as well as at different Branches of the University of the Philippines – like UP Diliman, UP Manila and at the Universität Kassel / FB01 , where he had founded” WIA” (Werkstatt fur Integrative Arbeit / lab for integrative gestalt-work).

A central event – during his engagement in that variety of professional jobs – was the set-up of the “hpd-gestalt studio” at UP Diliman, to adapt the western gestalt concept to the Philippine culture – The basic orientation has always been: to integrate body, mind and emotion with an extended awareness and a further developed responsibility for the self – in regards to others and the resources of the earth.