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The Gestalt approach is the basis of our work. It pursues the goal of providing each individual in his / her environment with more self-confidence, evaluation strategies and room for maneuver.

If we go deeper into what we are, if we accept what’s there, the changes happen on their own.

Fritz Perls, co-founder of the gestalt therapy

You can find information on the development of your potentials in workshops, workshop meetings and learning opportunities on the site of the institutes.

As Gestalt faciliator we see ourselves as agents of personality development and support the participants in their search for a rich and satisfying life.

The holistic approach of gestalt therapy supports the development of one’s own self-healing potentials and development paths, strengthens personal competence and helps to be authentic.


Greetings Hans Lenhard


The Network

The Gestalt Network offers opportunities to intensify the existing cooperation of the institutes involved  in the global network (in Germany, Greece and the Philippines).

We make it our task to contribute to the further development of the professional competence of the field of action.

The workshops, events and training events have a clear focus: integrated personality and the path to greater awareness.

Job trainings & training for moderators through the concept of the dual path developed in the hpd-Gestalt work:

Link between institutional, professional learning levels and person-centered life-learning determines the group and the individual learning process.

With the Gestalt Network a cooperation project is created that documents results and project information and thus enables interested parties – in the areas of management, health work, personality development and further education – access, participation and communication.

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